Problems Related To Nose And Throat Start Increasing Due To Cold Or Allergy. In The Midst Of These Problems, If The Nose Is Blocked Then The Condition Becomes Worse. Blocked Nose

Today We Are Going To Tell You Some Such Home Remedies, Which Will Give Instant Relief From The Problem Of Blocked Nose. Home Remedies

To Get Relief From The Problem Of Blocked Nose, Mix 2 To 3 Pinches Of Ground Black Pepper In One Tablespoon Of Honey And Consume It Before Sleeping At Night. Black Pepper And Honey

If You Have A Stuffy Nose Or A Cold, A Saline Spray Can Help Unclog Your Nose. Nasal Spray

To Get Relief From Cold And Blocked Nose, Definitely Use Garlic In Food. Garlic

To Get Relief From The Problem Of Blocked Nose And Throat, You Can Take Steam With Hot Water. By Doing This, Hot Air Reaches The Lungs Through The Nose And Throat. Take Steam

Drinking Milk Cooked With Ginger Gives Instant Relief In Cold And Throat Problems. You Can Consume It In The Morning And Evening. Milk And Ginger