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Idols Of God Are There In Almost All The Houses, But Few People Know The Correct Rules Of Keeping It. Idol Of God

In Vastu Shastra, There Are Many Rules For Placing The Idol Of God Like In Which Direction To Place The Idol, On Which Color Cloth Etc. Vaastu Shaastra

Today We Will Tell You About The Rules Of Vastu Related To Keeping The Idol Of God In The House. Rules Of Vastu

According To Vastu Shastra, It Is Very Important To Keep The Idol Of God In The Right Direction, Otherwise It May Cause Harm. Direction

According To Vastu, It Is Considered Auspicious To Keep The Idol Of God In The North-East Or North Direction. Right Direction

Idols Of God Should Not Be Kept In The South Direction. According To Vastu, The Lord Of The South Direction Is Yamraj, Hence It Is Considered Inauspicious. Wrong Direction

Always Put Blue Or Green Colored Cloth Under The Idols Placed In North Or Northeast Direction. Red Colored Cloth Should Not Be Spread Under The Idols Placed In This Direction. Lay A Cloth Of This Color